12th man

In the last month of the calendar year I have made it a policy to spread as much good will and cheer as I can. Issues that have been resolved are put into the archives of my mind. They have given me my experiences for the future with no hard feelings or resentment. I attempt to make peace with those that have wronged me.

There are many people in this world who take the festive season to be one of over indulgence in food and wine and their own pleasures. Spending time with your loved ones is a wonderful thing to do but what about people you don’t know? Wouldn’t it be nice to cheer a stranger with a festive thought?

The 12th man encourages ordinary, everyday people to look after the rest of the team by spreading good cheer. They do this by giving something of themselves in making something with their own hands,in the kitchen, the workshop, on the lounge room table. Then to put it in a stocking and maybe with a little help, place it anonymously at a perfect stranger’s door. Then they too can enjoy the pleasure of a gift made with love and know that someone they don’t know has taken the trouble and the time to do something personal for them. Accepting no acknowledgement, no thanks and no reward but simply to make their festive season happier.

If you want to know more about this and some details of how I go about it, email me. The address is on the contact page.

John Audet.