Check-out the John Audet Blog

Check-out the John Audet Blog.


Those of you that have been following the Bealliam Blog may be interested in seeing further examples of my work where I cover a wider range of subject matter and present things in a different format to the one on this Blog. You can log in by pressing the John Audet’s Blog on the top of this page or by

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John Audet


Be gentle

Sometimes you have to accept that those in authority do not know what they are doing and that they are not likely to change.

They are frightened, lost, feel unloved and confused.

They are vulnerable and alone.

You may have no choice but to put up with this because you cannot control the circumstances you find yourself in.

But gently and ever so gently you can let them see your caring and non-challenging nature and they will begin to gain confidence from this.

They will lose some of their insecurities and be prepared to change, even if it is ever so slightly,

because they will no longer see you as a threat but as an ally that they can trust.

Be concerned about the truth

Be honest in your dealings with yourself.

It is easy to let your imagination or wishful thinking mask the truth in situations.

Particularly if the reality is unpleasant and you don’t want to handle it.

But the truth is your friend and once faced it can be dealt with. Denial and pretending something does not exist will only put off the inevitable.

This makes the reality even worse because it builds up the trauma and anxiety levels even greater by hiding from the inevitable outcome.

Face up to what you are.

If you are not happy with what you are, then change.

Be discreet

Be discreet but fair in your dealings with others.

Possessions carry with them a liability.

When you own something you have a duty of care to make sure that you do not flaunt it to other people.

You demonstrate your own inadequacies when you need to show others how well you have done.

Gloating ridicules the unsuccessful efforts of others if they do not posses the same things and want to.

Be knowledgeable in many things

Be prepared to learn something new.

Take steps to know about things that interest others.

 Be interested in what people do.

 Learn about other people’s way of life, their beliefs, their jobs and their circumstances so that you can understand them and be compatible with them in society.