Words are an encumbrance

Words are an encumbrance


Words are an encumbrance to thought.

When we wish for direct communication with the inner nature of things

It is the consciousness of reason that holds us back.

Thus we can only regard these outward trappings, as obstacles,

On the way to gaining a clear perception of truth.

John Audet


Share yourself

Share yourself


Share yourself

With people who have the same interests as you do

Share yourself

With all manner of people not just your own kind

Share yourself

Enough to cultivate networks that are diversified

Share yourself

By involving yourself in a little more than a passing interest

Share yourself

So that you can learn from a wide range of people

Share yourself

So that you can share with everyone.

John Audet

Try to be productive

Try to be productive


Try to be productive all the time

Whether anyone else knows it or not.

Don’t be guilty of passing time and filling in your days

When there are so many people in the world who need your help in some way.

Set yourself to do something worthwhile all the time.

John Audet

You don’t have to be aggressive

You don’t have to be aggressive


You don’t have to be aggressive just resolute

You don’t have to be rude just assertive

You don’t have to be angry just certain of yourself

You don’t have to be argumentative just consolatory.


Offer a way out where others will not lose face

Always allowing them to diplomatically back down.

John Audet