Share yourself

Share yourself


Share yourself

With people who have the same interests as you do

Share yourself

With all manner of people not just your own kind

Share yourself

Enough to cultivate networks that are diversified

Share yourself

By involving yourself in a little more than a passing interest

Share yourself

So that you can learn from a wide range of people

Share yourself

So that you can share with everyone.

John Audet


You don’t have to be aggressive

You don’t have to be aggressive


You don’t have to be aggressive just resolute

You don’t have to be rude just assertive

You don’t have to be angry just certain of yourself

You don’t have to be argumentative just consolatory.


Offer a way out where others will not lose face

Always allowing them to diplomatically back down.

John Audet

Check-out the John Audet Blog

Check-out the John Audet Blog.


Those of you that have been following the Bealliam Blog may be interested in seeing further examples of my work where I cover a wider range of subject matter and present things in a different format to the one on this Blog. You can log in by pressing the John Audet’s Blog on the top of this page or by

I hope you find my words of benefit.

John Audet

Sometimes we have to accept

Sometimes we have to accept


Sometimes we have to accept that those in authority,

Don’t know what they are doing,

And that they are not likely to change.

They are frightened, lost, confused, vulnerable and alone.

So be tactful in the way that you help them,

Because it is the fear of competition that makes them fear their own competence.

John Audet

Always look for opportunities

Always look for opportunities


Always look for opportunities to do your best

By being flexible in your approach to new things,

Always be prepared to try something new

Whilst all the time staying focused and keeping your desired results within your sights,

Never deviating from your path

And never forgetting to go home once you have done your best.

John Audet

If you don’t need it

If you don’t need it


If you don’t need it get rid of it.

Why keep old habits and rituals, if they no longer serve a purpose?

Question yourself,

Why do I still do this?

Why do I still do things this way?

Why am I still carrying baggage when I could be carrying experience?

When it’s all over, get rid of it.

John Audet

The importance of things

The importance of things


Do the important things in your life fit into the way you want to live?

And have you set your priorities in the right order?

And what’s the result?

Do you know what you are supposed to be doing with your life?

And if you don’t know, you had better find out before it’s over

And if you do know, are you doing it?

John Audet