Awareness of the Soul

Awareness of the Soul sessions happen every week somewhere. The concept is a simple one. Those who attend are given the opportunity to get in touch with their inner most self amidst the beauty of nature. I usually try to find a nice quiet park where there are trees and birds but depending on where I am this is not always possible. I find that the closer to nature that I can get the easier it becomes to commune. This is particularly so on days when I have a lot on my mind. The sessions follow a set format ( discipline ). An attendee will volunteer to take a card, with a taking word written on it, from the bag that I bring along and speak for a few minutes to the assembly about what that word means to them. I then guide the group, with the help of nature, to contemplate on what has been said.

Short extracts from the insights of great philosophers are also read during these sessions. A second attendee is invited to take a card. This time the bag contains giving words. The volunteer will then relate their impressions of what this word means to them. Once again I will guide the group through to their own contemplation on the matter. In getting to know myself I have found that the less rehearsal or preparation that I do the more honest and true to myself my meditations are. This is the reason why the first knowledge the speaker has of the subject they are going to talk about is when they read the card.

If you check my facebook page you can find out where I am for any given session.

Those of you that are in Sydney can attend Awareness of the Soul sessions on the first Sunday of each month. These sessions are conducted by Jeffrey Genn and held at 10am at Edgar Gormall Wildflower Garden.

John Audet